Omrumov Maharram Khansuvar oglu

"Perlit" LLC was founded by Shahvalat Abulfat oglu Garashov in 2004.

Companyhas been registered as a legal person pursuant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan IlhamAliyev’s decree dated 30.04.2007 with a principle of "single window".

By the order of the founder, Maharram Khansuvar oglu Omrumov has been appointed director to the “Perlit" LLC in 2006.


Omrumov Maharram Khansuvar oglu



Marital status :

Married, 3 children

Birth place and date:

04. 12. 1957. Chaykand village of Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan Republic


1979 - 1984 Highest, Azerbaijan  Engineer Construction Institute , Baku City

Industrial and Civil Construction Specialty


Since 2006 - "Perlit" LLC, Ganja city of Azerbaijan. Gulistan settlement  AAA 6

Status: Director


2004 – 2006, in the U.S International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Status: Chief Engineer.


U.S. - BPRM (by financial support of the USA's Department of Migration of the Refugees, the construction of 95 private houses in Lachin winter sheepfolds, Agjabadi region, including  construction of hospital building and infrastructure projects, drinking water, sanitation, agriculture water and repair of refugees’ dwelling houses work), and a head engineer of theinternational humanitarian organization "International Rescue Committee" of the U.S.


Developing project budget documents, tender documents, supervision of construction works, oversight of the works, developing financial documents, gauging the work done by the communities, project design and implementation of filing monthly reports and submit to the Director over relevant country.


2000 - 2002 USA’s "World Vision" International Humanitarian Organization

Status: Builder, Engineer


(Project of Integration of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons,construction of 412 houses for the families, repair works in 4 schools settled byIDP), Mingechevir city


Implementation of theworks, stipulated under agreement match withthe project budget documents:


- To lead the highest quality fulfillment of project in accordance with the specifications and features, which are valid in the Republic ofAzerbaijan;

- To achieve the solutions of the offer and problemsarising during construction works, by closely getting touch with the Engineer team.

- Oversight the implementation of the construction works, measurement, assessment of construction works, gauging the works done by communities and making up monthly reports and payments;

- To conduct periodic reports on the implementation of the construction works their measurement and making up the payment documents.


2000 - 2003 USA’s "CARE" International Humanitarian Organization, Goranboy, Azerbaijan

Contractor (Repairing of 30 houses in the village of Shafag, construction of 7 houses in the village of Tapgaragoyunlu, repair and construction works in the school of Todan)


1995 - 1999 Contractor, US - The World Vision International (World Vision Humanitarian Organization), carrying out repair and construction works in massivesfor refugees and internally displaced persons in then cities of Baku, Sumgayit, Ganja and Mingachevir.


1989 – 1992 Head engineer,Kalbajar PMK-51,

Construction of industrial and civil facilities in Kalbajar


1984 – 1990 Kalbajar PMK-41

The foreman, contractor, head of the Planning Department